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Spirent DLS





Spirent DLS 為xDSL線路模擬器,提供ADSL、ADSL2+、VDSL2等線路模擬和噪音產生器,符合ATIS、ETSI、DSL Forum和ITU-T等標準,也支援Bonding、Vectoring等等測試。

Spirent DLS products allow you to support and meet the minimum requirements for various technologies as defined by such standards bodies as Broadband Forum, ITU, ATIS and ETSI. Working closely with all of these standards authorities, Spirent offers the DLS portfolio for truly accurate reproduction of last-mile conditions in the lab. DLS simulation and impairment generators allow you to verify that your products or services applications can deliver a high quality of experience (QoE) for the end user.


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