Cyber Security 網路安全



Network and Information Security Solutions










In response to the rising demands in the network and information security, Paralink Networks has introduced the advanced testing equipment and solutions for network manufacturers, operators, research organizations, governments, and enterprises to ensure the security of their network and IT systems.



  • Spirent CyberFlood (新一代網路和應用的安全和效能測試) 

    The Spirent CyberFlood is a powerful, easy-to-use test solution that generates realistic application traffic and attacks to test the performance, scalability and security of today's application-aware network infrastructures. CyberFlood provides 1G to 100 Gbps of stateful traffic testing with authentic, customizable payloads for realistic security, load, and functional testing.  CyberFlood emulates Layer 4-7 realistic application traffic while validating your security coverage from enterprise to carrier-grade network capacity.  TestCloud, a core component of CyberFlood, has a library of tens of thousands of realistic applications and attack vectors and is regularly updated to ensure load and functional testing with unparalleled scalability, thus providing you with elevated security assurance.  

  • Savvius Omnipeak (分散式網路監測分析平臺)

    Savvius (WildPackets)的目標在於針對複雜的網路環境和安全,提供分析、除錯、最佳化, 以及網路取證等工作的方案。其OmniPeek 是網路分析最佳解決方案,可分析 1G/10G Ethernet、802.11a/b/g/n/ac、VoIP、Video等,將VoIP/Vedio Media Analys視為標準功能,提供Expert Diagnosis、 Application Analysis等功能,除Call Flow圖表外,並就每一通道提供PMOS、R-Factor、Packet Loss及Jitter 等資訊,功能強大。其Vigil產品線

  • Riscure (晶片安全性測試)

    Riscure evaluates the security of chip technology and embedded devices that are designed to operate securely in any environment. We are the leading security test lab for chips and settopboxes deployed in the pay-tv industry. Riscure is also international market leader in providing test equipment for side channel robustness of chip technology. Riscure's equipment is used by chip manufacturers, government agencies and security test laboratories all around the world.

  • Idappcom 成立於2004年,公司的目標是提供卓越的IT安全和應用安全領域。我們的主要產品,Traffic IQ,是一個網路漏洞評估工具。它已經在世界各地受到網路安全專業人員的廣泛接納。客戶包括所有主要的安全設備供應商,獨立測試單位,政府單位,電訊公司以及其他各種行業。

  • NetOptics (網路監控管理分流器)

    NetOptics提供各種網路分流器 (Tap & Aggregator),不需複雜設定,即可將資料流封包複製並導出,可以完整監管實體線路上的所有資料流。在介面的支援上,除了一般的10/100/1000 Copper外,也提供GbE、10G、40G、100G Fiber等介面之Tap,可配合測試分析工具、IPS、IDS,對網路進行即時之監控分析和除錯。