SAGE的UCTT 8910為可攜式基站測試儀器,支援LTE、WiMAX、CDMA/EVDO、UMTS/HSPA+、GSM/EDGE等技術,內含高性能Spectrum Analyzer,精密Power Meter,RF信號產生器,提供Demodulation,分析量測Antenna的性能,也具備Mobile Backhaul的T1/E1/Ethernet/OC-X測試功能,是營運商在基站架設及天饋線佈設故障排除和維護的工具。


  • SAGE UCTT 8910 基站測試儀器 (Base Station Test)
    The SAGE Universal Cellular Test Tool (UCTT) 8901 is the most advanced and versatile portable test instrument for base station deployment and troubleshooting. The UCTT combines a laboratory quality spectrum analyzer, an innovative antenna tester and fully integrated backhaul test capabilities for E1/T1, Ethernet (10/100/1000), and OC-X. In addition, the UCTT provides in-depth demodulation and monitoring capabilities for all 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. “The UCTT represents a new generation of multi-functional test tools to serve the emerging 3G and 4G wireless markets. Its powerful software radio technology enables operators to more accurately assess wireless service performance and more quickly isolate problems with transmission, modulation quality and synchronization”.
  • SAGE 960B 話音質量測試儀表 (Multi-Channel Test )
    SAGE 960B是一款功能強大的多聲道IP電話測試儀器,結合TDM,以太網和Analog接口,同時測試能力,能夠即時測試和監控下一代網絡。.960B可以產生成大量的終端到終端的測試呼叫,從Ethernet,TDM和/或Analog的接口送出,同時監測承載信道(TDM,RTP,Analog),以找出即時的性能問題。
    The 960B is a powerful multi-channel IP Telephony precision test instrument combining TDM, Ethernet and Analog interfaces and simultaneous test capability to comprehensively test and monitor Next Generation Networks in Real-Time. The 960B can generate one or many end-to-end test calls from the packet, TDM, and/or Analog interfaces while monitoring the bearer channel (TDM, RTP, Analog) to flush out real-time performance issues.