SiFos (PoE)



Sifos Power over Ethernet(PoE)



802.3af/at PoE 測試工具


廣聯科技代理的Sifos PSA Analyzer可模擬多埠PD,對PSE設備作信號和功率參數測試,支援UPoE和LLDP協定。其PSL系列可對PSE作多埠量產測試。其PDA Analyzer則為檢驗分析PD產品的信號和功率參數的最佳儀器。PSA和PDA都是驗證PoE產品符合IEEE802.3af及802.3at 規範的最佳工具。其PVA (PhyView analyzer)是最佳Ethernet PHY測試工具。這些都能透過Spirent TestCenter和Smarbits作Data測試分析。


Sifos Technologies is the leader in PoE (PSE and PDs) testing and also provides Ethernet PHY (physical layer) automated test & measurement solutions for network equipment and semiconductor manufacturers, test labs, system integrators, field service and IT departments.


  • Sifos PowerSync® Analyzer 3000
    The Sifos PSA-3000 may be optioned via a license key to run the world’s most advanced PSE Conformance Test Suite. This fully automated application applies the PowerSync Analyzer’s diverse resources to assess over 70 IEEE 802.3at specification parameters per port, presented in easily readable spreadsheet reports with multi-port statistics and clearly notated pass/fail limit analysis.
  • Sifos PSE Conformance Test Suite for PowerSync Analyzer
    The Sifos PSE Conformance Test Suite is a fully automated, highly adaptive group of tests designed to assess PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) compliance to the 802.3at specification. Sifos provides industry leading coverage and diagnostic capabilities based upon the core resources of each PowerSync® Analyzer test port coupled with the high level processing power of PowerShell PSA.
  • Sifos PSE Multi-Port Suite for PowerSync Analyzer
    The Sifos PSE Multi-Port Suite takes the PowerSync Analyzer and it’s proven PSE Conformance Test Capabilities the realm of fully automated PSE System Power Management, Capacity Analysis, and Multi-Port Timing and Interaction testing covering up to 192 total PSE ports. This set of highly unique capabilities enable product developers and QA professionals to gain totally new insights PoE system characteristics and behaviors. At the heart of the PSE Multi-Port Suite is the ability to rapidly define and apply a wide range of Powered Device emulation attributes to a large field of PSE ports.
  • Sifos 802.3at LLDP Emulation and Analysis for PowerSync Anal
    The Sifos PSA-3000 and PSL-3000 platforms support flexible LLDP Emulation and robust LLDP Analysis capabilities that are accessible from both PSA Interactive (GUI) and PowerShell PSA. LLDP power-up emulations to target power requests are performed in a single "button-click" in PSA Interactive or a single command in PowerShell PSA. LLDP Protocol Traces offer fully automated capture, display, and analysis of LLDP protocol sequences between a PSE port and a user-defined PD. Analysis is performed in colorful pop-up Excel spreadsheets that highlight protocol non-conformances or timing defects.
  • Sifos PoE+ Powered Device Analyzer
    The Sifos PDA-300 Powered Device Analyzer is a single-box comprehensive
    solution for testing IEEE 802.3at PoE Powered Devices (PD’s). It offers
    one-button, fully automated test sequences and limit processing for
    critical Powered Device operating parameters. With measurements
    performed at the Powered Device network interface, many parameters
    critical to IEEE 802.3at interoperation can be efficiently compared to
    specification requirements thus fully avoiding the need for extensive
    interoperability testing with IEEE 802.3at PSE’s and network
  • Sifos PDA-LLDP Powered Device LLDP Analyzer
    The IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) standard requires that all "Type-2" (>13Watt) Powered Devices support the new PoE LLDP protocol. This protocol allows PSE's and Powered Devices (PD) to communicate power requirements and power allocations with 0.1 watt granularity. It also allows for in-service adjustments to power allocations. Unlike traditional LLDP (Layer 2) protocol, PoE LLDP involves messaging "hand-shakes" and includes protocol timing requirements. Hence, PD testing requires flexible PSE-side protocol emulation. Ideally, this testing is combined with actual power monitoring functionality as can be provided by the Sifos PDA-300 Load Monitor.
  • Sifos PVA-3000 PhyView® Analyzer
    The Sifos PVA-3000 PhyView Analyzer is designed to bridge the wide coverage gap between comprehensive Ethernet twisted pair PHY compliance testing and simple packet verification testing. The PVA-3000 introduces an innovative multi-port capability dedicated to 10/100/1000BaseT physical layer characterization under controlled impairments including line loss, ingress noise, jittered or offset timing, and even Power-over-Ethernet. The PVA-3000 tests Ethernet switches and routers, discrete LAN interfaces, link transmission components, and network service integrity at any 10/100/1000Base-T interface.
  • Sifos PHY Peformance Test Suite for PhyView Analyzer
    Ethernet interface testing has never been easier than the Sifos PHY Performance Test Suite for the PhyView Analyzer. This group of fully automated tests can be automatically sequenced across up to 24 10/100/1000BaseT ports to produce colorful and graphical reports of interface performance. Sequencing and reporting is accomplished with just a few mouse clicks in PVA Interactive software or with a single command in PowerShell PSA. Unlike traditional packet testing, PhyView Performance Tests clearly and independently characterize transmitter, receiver, and physical interface performance in quantitative terms that predict link performance over the full range of possible applications.