Spirent iTest (自動化)



Spirent iTest



iTest 自動化測試平台


Spirent iTest為測試自動化軟體,支援各種介面: CLI、Web、SNMP、Telnet 和Tcl等20多種,支援各主流測試儀器的自動化整合。捕捉每一步測試過程,快速重建和編輯測試腳本,可控制待測物和測試設備,記錄和分析測試結果,並可安排測試時程表,使測試自動化。

Spirent iTest is an integrated, vendor-agnostic test authoring and execution solution designed to address a wide array of testing methodologies that involve complex test environments.  The automated tests are quickly authored by manual testers or automation specialists alike to improve the productivity of the entire test organization.