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W2Bi Device Test Automation



LTE & CDMA測試驗證平台




W2BI是測試設備大廠Advantest的子公司,其Quikprobe/Q-DAAT 4G LTE & CDMA測試驗證平台是電信廠Verizon認可的測試平台。結合 Aeroflex 7100、R&S CMW500 和 Agilent 8960設備,支持 Verizon LTE和CDMA Test Plans的驗證。W2BI是Verizon在 CDMA及LTE測試驗證的長期夥伴,也是驗證Verizon測試項目的最佳選擇。另外,其QUIKSTRESS產品是End to End的 VoLTE的測試工具,可以關注使用者經驗反饋,網路衝擊,錯誤分析和手機終端的問題資訊分析.


W2BI, Inc. is a company under Advantest group, and a global leader in wireless device test automation products. W2BI test automation for 3G/4G runs on QUIKPROBE™ and Q-DAAT™ platforms. These platforms integrate with leading network emulators to simulate extensive network conditions and use cases. The recently introduced QUIKSTRESS™ can be used at pre-launch or in the reverse logistics processes enables the mobile industry to improve device quality, time-to-market and reduced device returns.




  • W2Bi 4G Test Automation QUIKPROBE™ and Q-DAAT™ (4G 測試自動化平台)
    W2Bi QuickProbe and Q-DAAT are test plans and platform for key operators like Verizon and Sprint. They are used to ensure the quality and user experiences before the launch of new 4G services, such as, VoLTE, Rich Communication Services (RCS), NFC transactions, multimedia services, etc. In order to simulate realistic end user scenarios, W2BI has developed extensive set of test plans that control both the smart device and the network emulators in a lab environment. The control of the smart device enables to perform realistic end user activities and measure the results directly on the device to ensure there are no performance impacts on the device (e.g. throughput, voice quality, jitter, battery drain, etc.) or the service.
  • W2Bi QUIKSTRESS™ Device Test for Android OS (Android手機自動化測試)
    W2Bi QUIKSTRESS™ is a device test automation platform for Android OS devices and for key operators like AT&T.
  • W2Bi QuickProbe QPG-1000 CTIA Battery Life Test (CTIA電池壽命測試)
    W2BI Battery Life Test System implements standard developed by CTIA Working Group supported by leading wireless carriers, OEMs, test equipment manufacturers, and test software vendors. This standard specifies controlled network and device conditions for UE battery performance characterization. The goal is to test battery performance based on a set of realistic scenarios that represent a typical user every day activities.