Riscure (Security)

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Riscure evaluates the security of chip technology and embedded devices that are designed to operate securely in any environment. We are the leading security test lab for chips and settopboxes deployed in the pay-tv industry. Riscure is also international market leader in providing test equipment for side channel robustness of chip technology. Riscure's equipment is used by chip manufacturers, government agencies and security test laboratories all around the world.


Embedded device security is a moving target, a cat and mouse game between developers and attackers. Through advanced R&D we stay ahead to deliver you highly effective security assurance across the product development path.



  • Riscure / Inspector SCA
    Inspector SCA offers full control over the test object, trigger, 3523oscilloscope and chaining function for real-time application of signal processing during data acquisition. Inspector SCA software contains a large set of cryptanalytic modules to perform attacks on all major algorithms. With module source available and the IDE integrated in Inspector, the user is free to develop modules, protocols or ciphers for proprietary implementations.
  • Riscure / Inspector FI
    Inspector FI software contains advanced hardware control options from the Inspector FI software, perturbation modules to configure the VC Glitcher and Diode Laser Station to test a specific fault injection scenario on a target and cryptanalytic modules to perform DFA after the faults have been injected.
  • Riscure / JCworkBench
    JCworkBench includes a flexible architecture and intuitive IDE to develop applets and run them on the Java Card under test. The strength of this tool resides in the extensive suite of detailed security test applets supplied in the package. The test applets can directly be run on and against a Java Card to identify security vulnerabilities. Running this security test suite may reveal security problems on a Java Card which has not been tested before with these security tests. The security test suites are also used by Riscure to certify the security of the operating systems of EMV cards and 3G Java SIM cards for large international mobile operators.
  • Twin Scan LS2 Upgrade
    Countermeasures for fault injection are becoming more advanced. To bypass some of these countermeasures a security evaluator needs to be able to generate multiple laser pulses at different locations. In the past years we offered a Multi-Area DLS upgrade but its drawback is that it is difficult to position the glass fiber to deliver the second laser spot to the surface. In addition, the spot size of the second pulse is limited to the fiber core (9 micrometer single-mode fiber / 50 micrometer multi-mode fiber) and the optical power of the pulse is reduced.
  • PDM 2+ HP
    We decided to team up with ALPhANOV and cooperatively develop a dedicated laser source:

    *Single-mode lasers is the solution for a small spot size. The theoretical smallest spot size given a certain wavelength can be reached.
    *Diode lasers provide maximum timing control. Small tunable pulse duration with high tunable repetition frequency.
    *Fibers allow maximum flexibility in your laser fault injection setup.
    ALPhANOV is world leading in single-mode fiber diode lasers