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Spirent Temeva


SaaS for network and cloud testing






Spirent Temeva是一種革命性的新平臺,可針對您的網路和雲端測試需求提供方便的使用。該平臺在雲端託放和管理,因此我們可以從任何地點,使用任何設備來輕鬆管理各類Web應用。利用Temeva,企業用戶可以在團隊間配置測試,測量、分析和共用有價值的測試指標,實現更高的生產力和更優越的用戶體驗。


Introducing Spirent Temeva, a revolutionary new platform, providing convenient access to all your network and cloud testing needs. It is hosted and managed in the cloud so the web application can be easily managed from anywhere, with any device. With Temeva, the enterprise users can configure a test, measure, analyze, and share valuable test metrics across teams for improved productivity and user experience.


  • Spirent TrafficCenter (讓網路測試簡易化的Web APP)
    Spirent TrafficCenter是一種適用於企業用戶的Web應用,可讓網路流量的驗證更加簡便。使用TrafficCenter時您只需拖放各類流量流、混合和子網資訊,即可對網路連接進行測試和驗證。
    Spirent TrafficCenter is a web application for network traffic flow validation specifically made easier for Enterprise users. TrafficCenter allows you to test and verify network connectivity with the ability to simply drag and drop a variety of traffic flows, mixes and subnet profiles.
  • Spirent MethodologyCenter (基於場景的網路測試Web APP)
    Spirent MethodologyCenter是一種提供基於場景測試的Web應用,可幫助您更快地獲得涉及網路的答案,且不需要瞭解下層測試工具的詳細知識。由於側重易用性,這些測試場景可通過任何常用的瀏覽器來配置和運行。
    Spirent MethodologyCenter is a web application that provides scenario-based testing to help you get network answers faster, without requiring detailed knowledge of the underlying test tool. With a focus on ease-of-use, test scenarios can be configured and run from any popular browser.
  • Spirent CloudStress (驗證虛擬化基礎設施)
    Spirent CloudStress是一種合成的工作負載生成器,可模擬任何虛擬機器的實際行跡,幫助您對您的NFVi或雲端部署進行驗證。
    Spirent CloudStress is a synthetic workload generator that can simulate physical footprint of any virtual machine to help validate your NFVi or cloud deployments.