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Spirent Landslide 是3G/LTE 無線核心網路性能測試平臺,能模擬數百萬移動用戶,提供真實複雜應用層流量,測試包括SGSN和GGSN等3G核心設備和網路,並提供 3GPP/3GPP2 AAA Server、CDMA2000、3G UMTS、 IPv4/v6 Roaming Mobility、IMS Security和3G/Wi-Fi/WiMax Internetworking等無線網路的性能測試分析。

Spirent's Landslide is a comprehensive end-to-end performance test system that emulates millions of mobile data subscribers using various access technologies to simultaneously access the mobile network. Landslide has the performance and capacity to fully test inter- and intra-technology mobility—with or without user-plane data, to help ensure the best user experience possible.

  • Spirent Landslide C50
    Spirent's Landslide C50 Test System provides an economical solution for customers who require the complete functionality of a full Landslide C100 Test System, but at smaller scale and lower data performance. The Spirent C50 appliance is based on a similar hardware architecture and the same software solutions as the more powerful C100 Performance Test System. It provides all the functionality required for testing individual network elements or accomplishing mobile packet core end-to-end testing. Spirent Landslide's complete set of test applications, node emulators and supporting features are available for the Landslide C50.
  • Spirent Landslide™ C100-M2
    The Spirent Landslide C100-M2 is the highest performance Landslide Test Server. The test server performs the roll of control and data plane load generation and analysis as well emulation of adjacent nodes surrounding the network under test. Using a combination of powerful processors and hardware accelerators the C100-M2 enables 3X the emulation scale and 2X the connection rates of it's predecessor. Spirent Landslide has the ability to both test and emulate the nodes of the mobile core, carrier Wi-Fi, IMS and Diameter networks.
  • Spirent Landslide - In the Operational Network
    Spirent Landslide™ CORE is being used in the live and redundant network of mobile broadband service provider UQ Communications, providing real-time network performance and optimization across all service nodes that constitute the UQ network. Learn more in this case study (written by UQ and directly translated from Japanese).
  • Spirent Landslide - In the Lab
    In the Spirent Landslide, the highly configurable end-points emulate real-world control and data plane traffic of millions of subscribers moving through the LTE, GSM, UMTS, eHRPD and Wi-Fi networks while consuming IMS and Over-The-Top services. Systems and services under test include: •3GPP and 3GPP2 2G/3G/4G Mobile Packet Cores, •VoLTE/VoIP, •IMS systems, •Diameter clients and servers, •Wi-Fi APs and offload gateways, •Integrated Firewalls, DPI engines and security gateways.
  • Spirent Landslide Overview
    The Spirent Landslide products redefining the testing of Core Network Element, Performance, scale and functional testing of Mobile, Wi-Fi, IMS and Diameter networks.
  • Spirent Landslide Virtual
    The Spirent Landslide Virtual is a tool to test Virtualized Networks. With the emergence of new services such as voice over LTE (VoLTE) and the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Carriers are evaluating their deployed infrastructure and the cost effective solution to grow capacity and performance is virtualization.
  • Spirent Landslide Wi-Fi
    Spirent Landslide Wi-Fi offers a range of testing solutions to ensure Wi-Fi offload deliver maximum security, throughput and interoperability. Landslide tests the performance and scalability of the Wi-Fi access point, Wi-Fi offload gateway and the mobile core network, enabling authentication and handover scenarios to be verified, as well as providing quality of experience metrics, including network availability, call setup time, call drops and voice quality for Voice over Wi-Fi testing. The solution's advanced test capability for mobile networks and services emulates millions of mobile subscribers traversing the network and using a mix of real-world of applications and services.