UL Collis (NFC)

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UL-TS Handset and Mobile Payment



手機, USIM卡, SWP/HCI, EMVCo, 移動支付的測試



UL-TS(以前Collis)測試工具用來測試你的產品, 例如,智能卡,終端,UICC卡,移動支付等等,以確保其互通性。 UL測試工具提供了超過80個測試工具和模擬器,涵蓋了移動,支付,運輸和電子識別領域。由主要支付組織(Visa,萬事達卡,銀聯,JCB,大來發現,INTERAC,美國運通)和行業機構(PTCRB,GCF,環球平台,EMVCo標準,MIFARE)認可和合格的工具。其SmartStation是手機和SIM、USIM、RUIM和CSIM卡的測試平台,其測試符合3GPP/3GPP2的規範,可監看解析手機和SIM卡間通訊協定,並可模擬手機或SIM卡來進行測試,可自行定義開發新測試項目,方便的介面和即時測試報告,讓測試除錯事半功倍!廣受大廠和Labs採用。在NFC和移動支付方面,Collis也推出SWP/HCI等移動支付的測試套件,以及EMVL2、GlobalPlatform、VISA、MasterCard、 JCB、AE等個人化PVT/BTT等認証的測試套件,最新支持中國銀聯PBOC3.0標准。

UL Transaction Security (UL-TS) Test Tools (previously Collis) test your products (smart cards, terminals, UICC cards, mobile payments, and more) to ensure interoperability.  UL Test Tool portfolio offers over 80 test tools and simulators covering mobile, payment, transit and e-identification domains. Accredited and qualified tools by major payment schemes (Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, JCB, Diners Discover, Interac, American Express) and industry bodies (PTCRB, GCF, GlobalPlatform, EMVCo, MIFARE). 

  • Mobile Test Tools
    We support MNOs and Service Providers in executing Trusted Service Manager (TSM) and NFC/contactless services. Our test tool portfolio includes Host Card Emulation (HCE) test tools as well as test tools to test cloud-based payments and tokenized messages in general. We also assist handset manufacturers and SIM manufacturers with quality test tools that ensure interoperability. Our test tools use flexible Java APIs that take testing beyond standards conformance. We provide simulators, spying/monitoring tools and test suites. It includes test tools like UICC Test Tools (UL Mobile Spy, Mobile Credit Card Test Platform, GlobalPlatform Compliance Test Suites and Mobile Card Profile Tester, 31.048/ 31.122/ 31.213/ 51.013/ 51.017 Test Suites, GP SWP/HCI UICC Compliance Test Suites, Mobile Log Viewer, and MIFARE4Mobile Test Suites.), and Handset Test Tools (includes Mobile Spy, GSMA NFC Network Independent Handset Test Suite, GSMA NFC Handset Test Suites, and Mobile Handset Test Platform).
  • Payment Test Tools
    Professional EMV test tools are an absolute necessity in EMV issuing, acquiring, certification and migration projects. UL has developed a range of card, POS, ATM and host test tools. These test tools will guide you towards a smooth, efficient and trouble-free go-live of your chip infrastructure. Our portfolio includes test tools for MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners, UnionPay, Interac and a number of domestic payment schemes (pre)certification and validation. The products include: Payment Test Tools (UL Digital Enablement Test Tool, ATM Brand Certification Solution, Mobile Payments Module, Terminal Test Station, Brand Test Tool, Brand Test Tool for Quick Chip, Brand Test Tool for UnionPay, EMV Personalization Validation Tool, Astrex), Acquiring and Transaction Processing Test Tools, Payment Terminal Certification Test Tools, Issuing and Personalization Test Tools, Payment Card Certification Test Tools, Modules(Collis Host Test Tool ).

  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M)
    [UL Subscription Manager Test Tool]
    The perfect tool to check communication with an SM-DP or SM-SR (or both) via the standardized GSMA ES interfaces and validate your M2M infrastructure
    [UL Mobile eUICC Profile Tester]
    The ultimate tool to test the complete eUICC profile management lifecycle without the need for a Subscription Manager or Mobile Network.
    [UL Mobile Spy]
    Comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that translates and visualizes communication between handsets and SIM/USIM cards or contactless readers.
    [UL Conclusion Test Manager]
    The ultimate combination of a powerful test engine and an accomplished test management application in one platform, providing flexible ways in configuring the test execution and reporting results.
    [UL GlobalPlatform eUICC Compliance Test Suite]
    The test suite tests correct remote management of multiple Mobile Network Operator subscriptions on embedded UICCs.
    -Collis MIFARE® Spy
    -UL Test Suite for MIFARE4Mobile® Platform
    -UL Test Suite for MIFARE4Mobile® Secure Element
    -UL Card Spy
    -Collis AFC Personalization Validation Tool
    -Collis AFC Card Reader/Writer Tool
    -Collis AFC Automated Test Environment
    -Collis AFC Transaction Generator
    -Collis MIFARE® Spy
    -UL Card Spy
    -Collis AFC Card Reader/Writer Tool
    -Collis AFC Card Simulator
    -Collis AFC SAM Simulator
    -Collis AFC Automated Test Environment
    -Collis AFC Device Performance Test Tool
    -UL Card Spy
    -Collis EAC Test Suite
    -Collis eMRTD Simulator
    -Collis eMRTD Test Tool
    -Collis eDriving License Test Tool
    -Collis Tachograph Functional Test Tool
    -Collis Tachograph Card Personalization Validation Tool
    -Collis Tachograph Card Helpdesk Tool
    Customization of standard test tool is available upon a request. UL can customize a standard test tool to meet the customer requirements. Our knowledge from participating in certification programs and testing against strict industry standards combined with our innovative test management platform, Collis Test Manager, allows us to easily adapt and fit our test tool to meet specific requirements. To automate test execution, we can program your test scripts.

    Our technical expertise is not only limited on test tool development but can be utilized to develop custom made software as well. UL can design, develop, implement and test software to provide you with a complete solution. You can expect from UL’s knowledgeable and experienced developers robust software with a logical GUI whether it is web-based or running locally, coded on Java or C, and so on. We like challenges.