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Savvius 的目標在於針對複雜的網路環境,提供維護、除錯及最佳化等工作的方案。其OmniPeek 是網路分析最佳解決方案,適合企業、網路研發及品管團隊。可分析 1G/10G Ethernet、802.11a/b/g/n/ac、VoIP、Video等,將VoIP/Vedio Media Analys視為標準功能,提供Expert Diagnosis、 Application Analysis等功能,除Call Flow圖表外,並就每一通道提供PMOS、R-Factor、Packet Loss及Jitter 等資訊,功能強大。


Savvius offers a range of powerful software and appliance products that automate the collection of critical network data for network forensics in security investigations and for network and application visibility and performance diagnostics. Savvius products are trusted by network and security professionals at over 6,000 companies in 60 countries around the world. 


  • Savvius Omnipeek (網路監視和性能分析除錯軟體)
    Savvius Omnipeek delivers visual packet intelligence with sophisticated deep packet analysis for faster mean time to resolution of network issues. Omnipeek provides customizable workflows and visualization across multiple network segments to enable resolution of network performance and reliability issues in real time. Omnipeek offers a powerful user experience that enables rapid analysis and troubleshooting of wired and wireless networks from the largest data centers to the smallest offices.

    Omnipeek Enterprise & Omnipeek Professional (企業版和專業人士版)
  • Omnipeek Enterprise & Professional (企業版和專業人士版)
    Savvius Omnipeek Enterprise is the most powerful, comprehensive network analyzer anywhere. It is the flagship analyzer that combines all network analysis features in a single product. It's both a stand-alone network analyzer for local captures and a console for analyzing traffic collected from multiple interfaces on multiple capture engines and Omnipliances. Omnipeek Professional is an award-winning network analysis for smaller organizations.
  • Savvius Insight (最小型的Omnipliance 單機)
    Savvius Insight is the newest and smallest addition to the Omnipliance family of network monitoring appliances. Savvius Insight has no moving parts, connects inline to the network with two bypass ports, and has three extra ports for span port captures.