octoScope (LTE/WiFi)

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OctoScope - OctoBox MPE



octoScope公司所生產的octoBox™無線測試平台提供研發,品管和生產測試單位,對於2G/3G/4G和802.11產品和系統所需要的測試設備。octoBox是用於測試無線設備和系統的一個小型可堆疊的消聲(anechoic)測試平台。它為待測物隔離來自外部的干擾,並創建一個穩定的環境來實現可重複的性能測量。工程師可以使用octoBox測試平台來測量802.11ac或4G MIMO設備的吞吐量。octoBox測試台也可以被配置來進行Video over Wi-Fi 的測試,mesh testing (self-forming, self-healing functions of a mesh), 以及高速漫遊和其他無線的測試。octoBox可用於測試Wi-Fi,2G/3G/4G,藍牙和GPS等設備。它提供了多流MIMO吞吐量理想的條件下,支持700 MHz的工作頻率到6 GHz。新推出的octoBox MPE(多路徑模擬器)802.11n/ac流量無線測試平台。可模擬典型家庭或辦公室的無線射頻傳播條件,並因此可在真實的具重複性可控制的實驗室條件下,來測試802.11 n/ac Wi-Fi產品的最大流量。


  • OctoScope octoBox Wireless Testbed
    octoBox is a small stackable anechoic testbed used for testing wireless devices and systems. It isolates the devices under test from the outside interference and creates a stable environment for achieving repeatable throughput measurements.Engineers use the octoBox testbed to measure throughput of the new 802.11ac or 4G MIMO devices.
    octoBox testbed can also be configured for video over Wi-Fi testing, mesh testing (self-forming, self-healing functions of a mesh), high speed roaming and other wireless tests.octoBox can be used for testing Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G, Bluetooth GPS and other devices.It offers ideal conditions for multi-stream MIMO throughput and supports the operating frequencies from 700 MHz to 6 GHz.In a typical throughput testbed being used for benchmarking by SmallNetBuilder.com, two octoBox chambers house wireless devices in the link under test. The DUT (device under test) is placed into the top chamber and coupled to the Master device over the air through a 4x4 MIMO test antenna array.
  • octoBox quadAtten – DC to 6000 MHz
    Module with 4 programmable RF attenuators individually controllable via USB or Ethernet/PoE – 63 dB range * 0.5 dB step

    octoBox® quadAtten module contains 4 individually programmable RF attenuators. quadAtten offers the best RF isolation on the market, making it suitable for highly controlled octoBox wireless testbed environment. While off-the-shelf attenuators have to be internally mounted due to inadequate isolation, octoBox quadAtten module mounts externally for easy access. Each of the 4 attenuators can be individually controlled via USB or Ethernet/PoE.
  • octoBox® iGen™ – Interference Generator
    Programmable interference generator emulates Wi-Fi traffic and interference waveforms, including radar

    The octoBox iGen module is used to create realistic interference conditions for testing wireless devices and systems. iGen supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac with the ability generate traffic interference or broadband waveform interference. Waveform interference generation includes radar waveform for DFS (dynamic frequency selection) testing, cordless phones, Bluetooth, microwave ovens, baby monitors and other sources of interference. Traffic can be configured for specific load, channel frequency, channel width or priority.